HOPE Summit

Community Partners:

The Hope Summit is a collective cooperative movement to work in unity with other like minded churches, community leaders and nonprofits. These efforts came about due, in part, to the success of the October 7, 2012 Hope Summit event. This is the beginning of a long-term journey of  hope for the families of Southern Indiana.

  • This work is based on our collective belief that: We are broken from God; We are broken ourselves; We are broken from each other; and, We are broken from creation.
  • We believe that partnerships are duel two-party relationships and that there are no subordinates.
  • We believe in Family Wholeness: Our focus is a holistic approach to family, faith and community.

Collaborative Synergy – It’s time to ACT: We are so excited about the HOPE Summit Follow Up meetings! Below are samples of what’s on the horizon as we look toward the future! It’s our prayer that the New Synergy that began at the HOPE Summit with Leroy Barber will change the way we all do business. Whether we intentionally collaborate with community partnerships on a large scale, small scale or medium scale, we hope to streamline our communications and cooperation and take our collective “brand’s” success to the next level.

“Our hope and dream is to work side by side with every church denomination, organization and every walk of life. Our vision is to break the cycles of exploitation by building collaborative leadership skills from childhood to adulthood, block by block, championing the human dignity of the many races, cultures and classes represented in our communities.”

“Because building relationships is the best way to build a stronger community; hope, love and a communal rhythm are great emancipators and essential because people will come from everywhere for the experience.”