Hope helps …

  • thousands of people receive assistance with Food (4 day supply for each member), prevention of eviction or the disconnection of utilities, and other necessities, totaling a cash value in excess of $800,000 annually.
  • thousands of families each year receive clothing, holiday specific food baskets, and/or gifts at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas through our Spirit of the Season program.
  • hundreds of children in New Albany receive snacks or meals daily along with homework assistance and a fun physical activity during out of school time.
  • more than 1,250 senior volunteers contribute over $3,300,000 worth of service to 160 non-profits throughout southern Indiana.
  • hundreds of multigenerational work teams and volunteers serve at Hope and surrounding organizations each year.
  • homebound persons receive daily telephone calls of reassurance from the Dial-A-Care team.
  • thousands of children each school year with new backpacks and basic school supplies though the Pack the Bus Collaboration.
  • hundreds of teens receive new back to school clothes through our Clothe A Teen Program.
  • build collaborations between churches, organizations, businesses, and the government to create real and lasting change in our community.

How We Do It:

  • Family & Emergency Services: Individuals and families in crisis receive emergency aid and other services.
    (Please see Family & Emergency Services webpage)

+   Spirit of the Season: Holiday specific programming designed to serve low income families. (Call 812.948.9248 for more information.)

+   Clothe-A-Teen: $75 in new school clothing for teens ages 13-18 who are enrolled in school; referred through school counselors or school case workers in Floyd County.

+   Pack the Bus Collaboration: provides Free Lunch, K-12 students in the NAFC school system with a new backpack containing basic school supplies through a collaboration of 50+ area partners.

+   Snack Attack Café Partnership: snacks or meals with homework help and/or a physical activity are provided during out of school time at five different locations in New Albany five days each week through a partnership with NAHA, NA Parks, Salvation Army, Dare to Care and Hope Southern Indiana.

  • Youth Development Services: Hope promotes positive youth development through collaborative efforts with community leaders and programs such as Youth Count; and through its programming.
  • Veterans Collaborative Services:  Hope hosts a luncheon once monthly for our low income Veterans and guests.  We collaborate with Texas Roadhouse to provide a meal and collaborate with Veterans serving agencies and partners to provide information and assistance as needed.
  • Self Sufficiency: Hope and its constituencies believe that every family deserves to be self sufficient. Hope works in collaboration with many other organizations through:

+   Resource Network: a referral network of services provided for families who need individualized assistance in navigating the process of receiving resources designed to move their family to self sufficiency.

+   Workshops/Information Sessions: Predominantly free, topics include but are not limited to skill builders such as nutrition, resume writing, free online learning, senior care management, or others that include fellowship with families and individuals designed to offer peer counseling and many more. The sharing of other topics is encouraged. Please contact us with your ideas. See our most recent newsletter or check the event calendar for more information. Of course you can always call us at 812.948.9248 as well.

  • Volunteerism and Mission Engagement: Hope strives to provide every sector of our community with opportunities for service in our community. Approximately 100 volunteers each week serve at Hope’s main location. We also facilitate national work and mission teams for local projects, and engage volunteers from all ages and sectors at partner nonprofits and churches. For general questions, call 812.948.9248 and ask for Carol. Volunteer programs include:

+   Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP): Our (5 county) RSVP program, based on the national model by the same name, provides meaningful opportunities for retired and senior adults to volunteer and at the same time provides help to the agencies and healthcare institutions that need it. While based on the national model, our RSVP also coordinates the following projects:

~   Dial-A-Care:  Volunteers make daily calls to homebound, frail, elderly or disabled individuals, checking on their well-being and safety and providing needed socialization.(Email [email protected] or call 812.948.1815.)

~   Sew-lutions:  Volunteers use donated goods to sew and craft needed items for a wide variety of people in our region and abroad. (Email [email protected] or call 812.948.1815.)

~   Ramps to Freedom:  Volunteers donate their knowledge, skill and labor to build ramps for those with mobility issues who cannot afford to hire contractors to build the needed ramps. (Email [email protected] or call 812.948.1815.)

~   Home Helpers:  makes small repairs on the homes of low-income seniors. (Email [email protected] or call 812.948.1815.)

~   Henry the Hand:  presentations to elementary school children in a creative way to teach school children how to prevent illness by proper and frequent hand-washing. (Email [email protected] or call 812.948.1815.)

~   PIPS:  conducts group presentations on educating local seniors about the dangers of unintentionally poisoning both themselves and their grandchildren. (Email [email protected] or call 812.948.1815.)

16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they might see your good deeds and glorify your father in heaven.

Matthew 5:16 NIV