Annual Fund

Hope Southern Indiana, a Christ-centered social ministry that provides help and hope to families in our community, relies on grants and donations to provide services. We charge no fees to those in need.

Hope is seeking additional resources so that we can continue all current services and continue moving families toward self-sufficiency, or at the very least, stability. We continue to expand our donor base so as not to over-burden any particular donor; and we do that through the Annual Fund. Keep in mind that as a Christ-focused organization that first and foremost we recognize and honor, Jesus Christ, who gave his life to save each and every person, and who God raised so that we each might have eternal life. He is our ultimate source. Following that, we look to our area churches for support, followed by groups, foundations, organizations, families and individuals.  The Board of Directors sets the budget each year and closely monitors the organization’s finances each month. The Annual Fund allows them to direct resources to the areas of greatest need.

By working together, and with the grace of God, we can do amazing things. Philippians 4:13 tells us, “ I can do all things through him [Christ] who strengthens me.” (ESV) With Him as our strength and the community as our support, we will do amazing things!

If you prefer to make one donation, or set up recurring gifts electronically, you may do so through PayPal using the button at the bottom of this page; or by through our page on Guidestar by clicking here (powered by Kimbia).

You can always email our executive director at with any questions or special requests. Our low-cost online giving methods (the lowest we could find) do not allow for direct designations and we want to direct your gift according to your intentions.

Thank you for giving to Hope Southern Indiana and all of those it serves.